The Elevation Parramatta  Shop 5, 31 Phillips St, Parramatta, NSW 2150.    0424 068 160

The Elevation was envisioned by a group who shared a passion for hospitality, and had an interested in the third wave of coffee. Together as the designer, award- winning barista, artist, and project manager, we dreamed up the idea of a quality-driven, concept-led, specialty coffee bar at Parramatta. In May 2015, we discovered a florist and just knew it would be the perfect home for our terrarium bar. The result: a beautiful cafe space featuring live indoor plants and modern design touches.

Our Difference

​​​Climate change is currently threatening coffee crops in virtually every major coffee producing region in the world. Every year, thousands of coffee beans are lose due to intense rainfall, resilient pests, and plant diseases - all of which are associated with climate change. Farmers are planting coffee trees at a higher altitude every year so harder, denser beans are produced. These beans are more sought for because they have higher concentration of sugars, producing more desired and nuanced flavors. Like the farmers who have moved their trees to a higher elevation, we aim to give our customers the best coffee. 

Our Story 

A terrarium is a container made of glass, enclosing a garden of small plants. They are usually sealed, and therefore need little to no care, watering themselves. The plants respire, taking in carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen to create their own micro-climate. Around our cafe, there are many live terrarium showcased. Customers can visit and relax, surrounded by the natural environment that we often forget to appreciate in our busy lives.

Our Elevation

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